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Funny how I only write in my own journal if I'm bored, well I am, on my hour break at school before my even more dull Psychology class :D;; yay for me!

Fuck I'm already screwing up in the beginning of the semster, had an assignment due today that I thought wasn't due yet!>.<; Gah!!...I better start doing better, I wanna keep getting A's like I did for my summer classes ;~;!I haven't gotten A's since Junior High!..

And I want to transfer outta here so I can go to a REAL college..;;..

Oh, my sister tells me we can move out in a month o_o; even though I..have no job, and no license so, that would be interesting ^^;; (Least I could get my computer though :D;;;...But I would need a job to pay for internet service, cause my sister isn't going to x_x;;;..) And I'd still have to live with my nephew x.x;;..hmmm...that wouldn't be much fun...though be better then my crazyyyy house >.<;;;

Eee I have an interview today though AND my shot o_o;; not a fun day for me..;;;..But I am gonna be staying at my friend's apartment up in Mankato so, it be good I get this shot cause it's for meningitis (Yes I cannot spell) and yah, I'm kinda a health freak XD; but he says I Should get it anyway cause I going to college,and that is prone to get people my age so o_o;;;

If I do good in the interview,I'll be a maid XB;;; yay for me..;;;...though it supposed to pay good so :D;;;...money is good!lol..

Crap!I forgot to bring my pics to scan! *smacks self*I'm such a dope x_X; I have so many new drawings to scan and I keep forgetting to bring them!..;;;..I dunno if the scanner even works here though o.o; I should go check that out,lol,it SHOULD work >:O!!

Oh look I found out there's spell check :D;;; heee, I'm a nerd ^^;;;...I'll just use that...

Gah, need to find, suncoast giftcard so I can buy next Saiyuki Dvd!It should be coming out!:O I hope...I want to actually get the episodes I HAVEN'T seen! (Cause I Saw half of them in Wisconsin,and am gradually getting up to where I left off)

I wish my Parent's didn't think cable was evil so I Could see some good Anime on TV, I think the new Digimon show is cute :D;; and Yugi-oh I like now, but the rest of the Anime's suck..;;..like megaman and stuff x_x;; blah.They shouldn't have taken Escaflowne off of Fox ;~; I'm so mad still!..That was a GOOD show! *Drools over Allen*

Mmm cherry suckers are good :D~ I think I am gonna go buy more sketch pencils in the school store o.o if they have any good ones, mine are either lost or...stubs so lol...I'll go do that,tootles!..

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