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Just something I wrote for a try-out thing

This could be called a sad attempt at a "fanfic." But I don't do fanfics. Fanfics.. annoy me.

However, the context of everything written here is from the anime, GetBackers. I only wrote it to try out for one of my fave characters, MakubeX, from that anime. Good thing he's a minor major character in that he's important, but not in the anime much. ^^; I'm busy this semester.. but I'd also like to actually try out RPing within the restraints of a pre-existing story and framework.


The entirety of the room was swallowed by it, lit only by the glowing blossoms of light emenating from five, six, maybe seven computer monitors. The low hum of ventilation fans was the only accompaniment to the soft symphony of clicks created as deft fingers played the furious bolero of computer code. They flew with inhuman speed across the keyboard, and with them, digits of glowing emerald scrolled up the monitors.

0. 1. 1. 0. 0. 0. 1. 1. 1. 0. 1.

Impossible for human eyes to grasp at such velocities, the digits were read and comprehended with the same ease one would experience when watching a movie. Translation was instantaneous as turquoise blue eyes focused calmly on what lay hidden within the headset. For hours, this was all he did, obsessed with his work, his goal, working meticulously to shape his code to perfection.. for perfection was all he could afford.

Almost.. I almost have it.. Just a little bit more, then I can hack into what I need.. to know..

"MakubeX..? Shouldn't you get some rest now? It's been so many hours.."

He almost twitched in irritance at the interruption, but managed to hold face. Always calm, introverted, and thoughtful, MakubeX only turned slowly to glance to Sakura, who had been there the entire time, watching him. Removing the yellow headset from his eyes, he gazed at her in silence for a few seconds before looking back at the scrolling 1's and 0's on the various monitors.



"..Not yet. Not yet, Sakura," he said softly as he cradled the headset on his lap. "I'm almost there.. just the last step.."

"But MakubeX, your health.."

"My health will mean nothing if everything I've done up until now does not complete to perfection," he said firmly. Then, he turned his gaze back on Sakura, his turquoise blue gaze ever-distant, deepened and wounded by solitude and loss. "Sakura.. I appreciate your efforts.. but please.."


"You and I both know that if I successfully hack into the mainframe of Babylon City, we can finally free the Lower Town from them.. and from the God of Mugenjou.. "

Sakura only nodded, worry still creased in her features. MakubeX took note of it, but only turned back to stare at his monitors, lifting his headset back up to place over his eyes.

"Soon, Sakura.. Soon.. we can be free.. The Raitei need not be here; he abandoned us. All that's left.. is this.."

That's right..

Thoughts, like spiders' webs, crept into his mind as MakubeX resumed his typing.



I would have held the entire world on my shoulders for you, Ginji.. The VOLTS you led gave us.. a chance.. we of the Lower Town..

Memories of the past. Memories which he couldn't seem to let go. Ever.

Then you left us. Left me.. And unlike you.. unlike Kazuki.. unlike Shido.. I can't leave.

Continuing that empty symphony, mechanical and echoing in the dark, spacious room, MakubeX easily fell back to the intensity of his earlier coding, wrapped by the emptiness of this solitary song.

We don't have that freedom.

Sakura fell back to silence, only watching.. helpless.

We are.. owned by the Mugenjou.

Only he could do it now.

By Babylon City.

Only he knew the way, would lead the way, that would bring the people of the Lower City to freedom.

But no more.. once I break this code.. it won't be like that anymore.

Only MakubeX.

That's why.. everything has to be.. perfect..


It's trash. I don't have all the facts about MakubeX straight in my head yet. But I like him. Anyone interested in checking out the GB RP community, it's here: dakkanya. Great thing about this is that it's a journal RP.. so I can do it in my own time. Hopefully.

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