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A random weird short story involving my Ardonae xD

She danced like there was no tomorrow. A whirlwind of lace and flesh, spinning, twirling, breasts bouncing and hips sliding in a sultry form, she danced. She was a snowflake on a summer's day, delicate yet would melt as soon as you touched her. She was beautiful. She was carefree. And hell was she drunk.

They stared at her, sweatdropping. The problem with having an alcoholic in the household was the fact that she did random things. Like 'Get down and boogly', her exact words, in the middle of the day. It was bad enough she was dancing, let alone stripping at the same time -_-

"Danae?...Are you going to stop?"

Amaranthine asked, not quite sure what to do. Ephemere, who had been leaning on a doorframe eating a banana, waved a hand dismissively.

"Leave her be. She'll fall over soon."

And fall over she did. With one graceful twist then a flop, she landed in a rather odd position on the floor, chest hanging out and legs spread. To which everyone immediately averted their gazes. Mostly out of disgust.

They shook their heads, then parted ways. Ephemere back into the kitchen to eat some more bananas, Eros into his room to play with bananas of a different sort, and Amara went into a random room only to be shoved back out rather rudely because she went into Aradiel's room.

"Blah, pig."

She muttered, sticking her tongue out at the closed door she was just shoved from before glancing over to Danae. Danae was out of it o.o Chewing nervously on her lip, she wandered over, before hesitantly kneeling next to the drunk woman. Slowly reaching out a hand, she placed it on Danae's forehead, about to ask if she was alright when...

A hand shot out, grabbing her wrist gently but firmly, and a warm female voice purred, or rather, slurred,

"How niuurce off youu too cum pleeese me...yoo alawys wweere a sweet giirl..."

Amara's crystal blue eyes widened in shock and she tried to pull away, but the grip on her wrist was surprisingly strong.

"L-let me go!...Danae....!"

A whimper escaped her lips as the older woman pulled her down with her, then rolled on top, pinning Amara beneath her and suffocating the poor girl with her large breasts.

"Mmmph!!" O_o

She couldn't breathe! Oh god...and to make it worse, Danae's breath really stunk like cheap, floral perfume from the wine she had intoxicated herself with. Her arms flailed wildly as she tried to push the drunk woman off, but the more she struggled, the more Danae giggled and squashed her o_x

"Nooo!! Let me goo!!!"

She cried, a startled squeal escaping her as a hand wound it's way up her skirt and burrowed between her thighs, probing the soft material of Amara's panties.


She choked, biting her lip as a sudden warmth spread throughout her body, a heated moisture beginning to form down below as the fingers explored further.

"Pretty giirl..."

Danae growled, running her tongue across Amara's cheek and leaving a nice big patch of drool there. Amara pulled a face, made a half hearted attempt to push Danae off again, but gave up eventually when more flutters of desire traced her form as Danae's fingers slipped in through the thin material of her underwear to gently stroke the girl's clitoris.

And then..

"Oh my god, I'm scarred for life!" O_o

A voice suddenly cried, and Danae and Amara both stopped to glance up at Aradiel who had ventured out of his room to grab a snack, but unfortunately ended up with an eyeful of something he wish he never saw instead -_-


Both the girls screamed, Danae jumping off Amara and banging her head on a coffee table and Amara rolling away and getting tangled up in a rug x_x;;. At the sound of the sudden chaos, Ephemere poked his head out of the Kitchen, arching an eyebrow at Ara who just stood there in shock.

"What happened? o.o"

Ara glanced at him, still in shock and about to reply before he realized Ephemere's fly was undone.

"Arrrrghh!!! You're all a bunch of horny perverts!!!!" O_o

Ephemere blinked, then sweatdropped when he noticed his fly and grinned, tossing the banana he had been holding behind his back off to the side into the bin before zipping up his fly.

"Ahem. Ignore that." ^-^;;

Ara: <--- O_O

Ara was in shock. Danae was unconscious and bleeding. Amara was tied up (heh heh xD). And Ephemere was standing there looking rather pleased with himself.

"And I can safely assume Eros is probably jacking off as well, am I right??!"

Ara snapped, flinging open Eros' door, before wishing he had never done that o_o. Eros was kneeling on his bed, naked, with...something...banana shaped...poking out of his...ass o_o. Ara quickly closed the door, then proceeded to faint xD.


Ara awoke, his head throbbing. His silver wine orbs fluttered open, trying to adjust to the darkness as he lay there, trying to recall what happened. A dream..it was all a dream...

"Oh thankgod it was just a dream..."

He murmured, relief edging his tone. Breathing a sigh, he sat up. Or...tried to. He couldn't move.

"What the..?!"

He grumbled, pulling at his wrists and legs, trying to break free. And then, the lights switched on, and he saw himself, naked and strapped to his bed, and a group of familiar faces were grinning down over him.

"Oh no Ara, this isn't a dream. This is a nightmare." >D

Ephemere purred, flicking the light switch again. Darkness filled the room, and after a moment of silence, the sounds of Ara's horrified, and rather horny, screams bled forth into the night.

The End. Or to be continued O.o...Whatever xD

Mwahahaha!! Do not ask. I was in a weird ass mood xD

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