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The Land of Smut

Have fun, my pretties!

I am hentai, I am smut! Let us oil you all up!
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We. Are. Pervs.


Community maintainers are:

tofupok and chocodash

Those that wish to join must possess an approved level of intelligence and possess a degree of writing elegance. This isn't a community for sex-crazed idiots. -_- Sex-crazed = good. But idiot = bad. Contact the aforementioned maintainers for joining.

How do you join? Well..

Rule 1: E-mail the maintainer with your name, LJ ID, sex, age, and basic info like that.

Rule 2: Include a sample of erotic/hentai writing no more than 500 words long demonstrating your ability, otherwise it'll get ignored.

Rule 3: Once you are approved, by all means, join and introduce yourself and talk a little about your style, but be nice! We are open to all forms of written expression, so if you do not possess a progressive attitude to non-hetero erotica, DO NOT FLAME OTHERS FOR WRITING A NON-HETERO ENTRY!!!!!!! Otherwise, we'll get pissed and delete your ass out of existence.

Rule 4: Just to be fair.. please, in all your subject headings, include sex-pairings and a rating.. which.. we'll come up with soon.. ;;..

Rule 5: Just chill. Don't start flame wars. We hate flames and flamers.

Rule 6: The theme of the community is only loosely-enforced, and enforced the most in the RP segment. You don't have to write smut. Any and all genres of writing are welcome. ^^ The point is to write and express and have fun! :D

Entries can be written in a basic fic style like some people like to do, or in RP style where you have your own (either original or anime-based) character interact with the characters of other people and the whole IC/OOC thing kicks in (2 max characters for now).

Or you can do both! ^-^ But please do keep us maintainers up-to-date and organized about who's who and such, otherwise we'll go crazy and random shit will happen.

You do not want random shit to happen.